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The City is uniquely placed to be a huge opportunity for everyone who uses the sea for pleasure or profit. It hosts several popular events which we use to promote the importance of the sea to the culture and prosperity of the city, the region and the nation and the wide range of rewarding careers to do with it.

Plymouth’s maritime sector ranges in size from the biggest players like Babcock Marine who run the biggest ship repair facility in Europe, refitting everything from warships to trains, to the smallest enterprise offering boat cleaning or dinghy instruction.

In scope it covers all aspects of the sector. We have a first class water-borne leisure facility in the Mount Batten Centre capable of hosting world class events, and the Royal Western Yacht Club has run some of the world’s most prestigious races. There are manufacturers of ships and equipment and builders of coastal and offshore structures. Marine services include finance, brokerage, law, insurance and consultancy. The Royal Navy trains its own ships here and attracts many other navies too.

The Schools’ Marine Challenge, run by the British Marine Federation with the financial support of Marine South West, is an imaginative and exciting project which brings schools and companies together to raise awareness of the attractions of the sector and skills needed to work in it. We actively promote these links between local companies and schools.

None of this would be possible if we worked alone. At the local level we work closely with the neighbouring networks, Cornwall Marine Network, South Devon Marine Industries and Marine South West. At the national level we are a partner in Sea Vision UK, the campaign to revitalize Britain’s interest in the sea.

Full membership is open to those private and public sector companies, organizations and bodies (statutory, non-statutory or otherwise) and individuals who participate in the local maritime sector. There are two categories of full membership – corporate and individual. Subscriptions are currently £50.00 for corporate and £15.00 for individual membership. Full members are also members of the company and are eligible to vote for and to be become directors as members of the general committee.

This site is open to all on registering as a “Friend” whether you are a member or not. Registration is free and gives access to the Friends’ Area where you can email other friends, place information about your own company, activities or events and a link to your own website.

I look forward to hearing from you on line, or better still in person at one of our meetings.

Cremyll House, Cremyll, TORPOINT

Sail training for young people for adventure, education and personal development. Operating two traditional sailing vessels Moosk and Tectona. Participating in the Tall Ships Races and providing residential activities for the Gold Duke of Edinburgh award.

Our passion for sailing

Many people choose sailing for the sense of freedom it gives one when he is on water. With so many routes available around the world and the numerous marine activities it allows you to try, there is no way you will not love a boat trip. The passion for sailing usually goes back from childhood days, but it can also start later in life. It is an excellent recreation you can share with your loved ones and make new friends.

Whether you look for a yacht journey with your pals, or you enjoy a summer holiday with your family and children, this sport will not get you bored at all. Spend quality time together on a boat and let the salty air of the sea fill your nostrils. You can stay outside and take joy in the warmth of the sun, but still feel the chilly breeze. It can be a great social experience for all ages and strengthen your bonds.

Let the waterways take you to places you only dreamed of. As every vacation has something new to offer you every time, take a chance and create everlasting memories. You should not spend your lazy days with Live Sex Chat on, but on a vessel exploring islands. Capture the amazing views on your camera and stop at famous beaches, bays or harbors to enjoy a relaxing afternoon. You are the one who decides what destinations you visit and when.

One of the best features of this activity is the relaxation it gives you. You can lie down in your hammock and let the sounds of the water connect you with nature. Gaze at the stunning sunset view and relieve your stress after a long day at work. You can find places without cell phone reception and clear you mind. Drift along the lake and leave back the life routines. From rivers to coastlines, you can discover incredible landscapes and lively birds.

You can also spend some time alone and reflect on your inner self. Leave the noisy and mundane environment behind for a few hours, days or weeks and let yourself be free from all the worries that mark your everyday existence. Offshore is a different world you can get to explore without plenty of rules. Due to the various changes of its elements, nature sets your boundaries and never gives you the exact same adventure when you sail.

Constant information about the waves, winds and boat bombard you every second. You develop confidence in yourself and take pride in the things you can accomplish after you master your skills. That is when your vessel becomes a part of you. There is nothing more exciting than the feeling you get when you are able to control your yacht and dominate the wild waves of the ocean. You are guaranteed an adrenaline rush when you speed your way along the stream.

Sailing has been a passion for humans since ancient times. Apart from the gear designs and modern technology, the principles of this sport have not changed over the course of history. Regardless if you race in a competition, or go fishing with your mates, teamwork will make you happy. You can play with your kids and get ready for a new day in the modern world. Explore the areas you want, surprise your lover with a date and go sailing!

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